SeriesMoonlighting S1E1: Moonlighting (1)
Season 1123456
Moonlighting S1, E1 - Moonlighting (1)

Moonlighting S1, E1 - Moonlighting (1)

Airdate: Sunday, March 3, 1985

After an embezzling accountant leaves her penniless, ex-model Maddie Hayes decides to sell the few failing businesses she still owns, among them a detective agency. But private eye David Addison wants to keep his job, so he persuades a reluctant Maddie to form a partnership. Their first case gives them little to go on: Maddie gets a broken watch from a dying man.

Cast: Cybill Shepherd, Bruce Willis, Allyce Beasley, Robert Ellenstein, Jim McKrell, James Karen, Rebecca Stanley, Dennis Lipscomb, Frederick Coffin, Mary Hart, Henry G. Sanders, Liz Sheridan, Dennis Stewart, Jean Adams, Rachel Bard

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