SeriesCypher S1E2: Deadman Walking
Season 11234567
Cypher S1, E2 - Deadman Walking

Cypher S1, E2 - Deadman Walking

Airdate: Friday, March 19, 2021

The mysterious people after the hit list fake Will's death. Now he tries to stay off the streets, and meets a mysterious woman named Claire who takes him in. Will contacts his FBI best friend, Kurt, and suffers the sting of betrayal.

Cast: Loa Allebach, Harley Nathan Berg, Cullen G. Chambers, Martin Dingle Wall, Lise Gardo, Lauren Gravitt, Jaclyn Hales, John J. Jordan, Brian Krause, Dario Antoine Lee, Mi Kwan Lock, Steve Luna, Eve Mauro, Valeska Miller, Connor Noyes

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