SeriesRaised by Wolves S1E3: Virtual Faith
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Raised by Wolves S1, E3 - Virtual Faith

Raised by Wolves S1, E3 - Virtual Faith

Airdate: Thursday, September 3, 2020

After the Mithraic kids fall sick, Campion believes Mother is poisoning them and plans an escape. As Mother and Father attempt to prove otherwise, Marcus and Sue work to convince the other surviving Mithraic to mount a rescue of the children, desperate to get their son Paul back.

Cast: Niamh Algar, Litha Bam, Garth Breytenbach, Amanda Collin, Susan Danford, Clayton Evertson, Travis Fimmel, Chris Fisher, Ethan Hazzard, Felix Jamieson, Awissi Idunn Lakou, Ingvild Lakou, Daniel Lasker, Munro Lennon-Ritchie, Jordan Loughran