SeriesCypher S1E5: Second Death
Season 11234567
Cypher S1, E5 - Second Death

Cypher S1, E5 - Second Death

Airdate: Friday, March 19, 2021

Will reconnects with daughter Anna and she promises to keep his secret. The FBI talk with Will's ex-wife and daughter and their frenzy to catch Will increases when Will and Claire slip up and blow their cover. Meanwhile, Will deciphers the next target on The List.

Cast: Harley Nathan Berg, Martin Dingle Wall, Lauren Gravitt, Jaclyn Hales, Adam Horner, John J. Jordan, Brian Krause, Dario Antoine Lee, Mi Kwan Lock, Eve Mauro, Valeska Miller, Gregory Niebel, Ric Olivera, John Reardon, Mary Helen Schmidt

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