SeriesSecret Circle S1E1: Pilot
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Secret Circle S1, E1 - Pilot

Secret Circle S1, E1 - Pilot

Airdate: Thursday, September 15, 2011

After a sudden family tragedy, Cassie Blake moves in with her grandmother in Chance Harbor, Washington, the town where her mother lived years before. Cassie quickly starts to learn from her new classmates that there things about her past that she never knew about--like the fact that she and her new friends are all witches, and they want Cassie to join them in creating a new generation of the Secret Circle. As Cassie starts to unlock her new powers, she uncovers a dark side to her abilities and soon comes to realize that with her knew found destiny comes a level of danger.

Cast: Logan Browning, Ashley Crow, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Adam Harrington, Shelley Hennig, Natasha Henstridge, Emily Holmes, Louis Hunter, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Brittany Robertson, Phoebe Tonkin

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