SeriesPartisan S1E2: Tinnitus
Season 112345
Partisan S1, E2 - Tinnitus

Partisan S1, E2 - Tinnitus

Airdate: Sunday, August 16, 2020

The girls are introduced to the community's gymnastic team. Nicole refuses to be a part of it. Johnny is struggling with his assignment, but he spots something which takes focus off his mission.

Cast: Fares Fares, Johan Rheborg, Anna Björk, Sofia Karemyr, Ylvali Rurling, Emelie Garbers, Linus Wahlgren, Pelle Holmström, Kola Krauze, Rafael Pettersson, Thomas Holmin, Frida Gustavsson, Andreas Kundler, Ola Sanderfelt, Peter Järn

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