MoviesMummy Dearest (2021)
Mummy Dearest (2021)

Mummy Dearest (2021)

0min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller | April 2021 | IMDb : -

After an injury puts Scarlett in a wheelchair, she moves in with her daughter, Autumn, who just moved into a creepy old house with her boyfriend, Frank. There's one condition to the arrangement. Scarlett cannot interfere with Autumn's relationship and find something wrong with Autumn's new boyfriend.

Director: White Cross

Cast: Tara Reid, Michael Paré, Lou Ferrigno, Richard Tyson, Quinton Aaron, Nikki Leigh, Ken Davitian, Katy Bentz, Larry L Andrews, Stan Divranos, Anna Sherman, Mike Valley, Jared Vineyard, Jennifer Cozza James, Fuad Yakubov

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