MoviesRucker (The Trucker) (2022)
Rucker (The Trucker) (2022)

Rucker (The Trucker) (2022)

0min | Horror, Thriller | January 2022 | IMDb : -

A trucker attempts to reconnect with his family by killing women who remind him of his ex-wife.

Director: Amy Hesketh

Cast: Leona Britt, Jessica Cameron, Corey Taylor, Bobby C. King, Jennifer True, Cheyenna Lee, Jay Wyatt, Randall S. Powell, Kate Giuggio, Deb Campbell, Sean Pickering, Zivin King, Vicki Bluedot, Kay Limon Rivera, Chloe Jacobson, Alicia Dove, Richie Jacobson, Deedra L. Lawless