MoviesWe Are Kings (2014)
We Are Kings (2014)

We Are Kings (2014)

90min | Musical | September 2014 | IMDb : -

We Are Kings is a rock and roll/blues fable, a group of down and out musicians breaks through against all odds, with a little help from a friendly ghost. Starring Sammy Blue, Rita Graham, Bianca Ryan, Pryce Watkins, and Jonathon Boogie Long.

Director: Toby Hubner

Cast: Tim Arnold, Bill Bannon, Sammy Blue, Jason Bradley, Rita Graham, John Kell, Tim Kramp, Franette Liebow, Boogie Long, Wendy Parsons, Bianca Ryan, Marty Salzman, Pryce D. Watkins, Richard Wherley, Terry Wilkie

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