MoviesPick a Side (2021)
Pick a Side (2021)

Pick a Side (2021)

102min | Action, Drama | October 2021 | IMDb : -

Marcus, a successful Computer Programmer wants to live the good life and will do whatever it takes to live the so called American Dream. So much that he finds himself being selfish and disconnected to the world.

Director: Edward Calvin Green

Cast: Sharmaarke Purcell, Jyoti Swamy, Tyrone Diggs, Craig B. Warmsley, Russell E. Johnson, Donny Gonzalez, Matthew Fairall, Atarah Richmond Green, Duncan Heath, Kalani Rodgers, Fernando Lopez, Patrick Heraghty, Jay Patel, Eugene Magana, Melvin Hix, Lorenzo Yates, Rodney Lee Johnson, Steven Michael Martin

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