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Nine Nights (2019)

Nine Nights (2019)

0min | Drama | August 2019 | IMDb : -

Marcie and Mickey Haines are 16-year-old athletic twins. They're inseparable, leaving their mother, Leonore, feeling excluded. On the day of an important race for Marcie, Michael is hit by a car and killed. The next morning she wakes to find the house full of mourners, talking about Michael in the past tense.

Director: Veronica McKenzie

Cast: Malcolm Atobrah, Elizabeth Brace, Deborah Colphon, Paulette Harris-German, Jo Martin, T'Nia Miller, Mary Nyambura, Premila Puri, Mark Redguard, Rizwan Shebani, Shante Stephenson, Trevor a Toussaint

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