MoviesHis Stretch of Texas Ground (2021)
His Stretch of Texas Ground (2021)

His Stretch of Texas Ground (2021)

90min | Crime | March 2021 | IMDb : -

Sheriff Joe Haladin is back, and this time, a vicious ex-con returns to Arlettsville and commits a crime so vile, it consumes the whole town and the whole country. Evil knows no bounds, but neither does Sheriff Joe.

Director: Ralph Cinque

Cast: Jeff Weber, George Welder, Jeff Caperton, Hailley Lauren, Carlton Caudle, Elisabeth Joy, Carl Bailey, Gerald Brodin, Johnnie Joe Garcia Jr., Chase Giacomo, AnnMarie Giaquinto, Jeffery Gray, Nathan Hartley, Jovon Holts, Nikki Kruz, Kelby Kuempel, Daniela Lewkowicz, Durrell Lyons

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