MoviesThe Beast (2020)
The Beast (2020)

The Beast (2020)

0min | Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller | November 2020 | IMDb : -

Leonida Riva is a gloomy, solitary war veteran, once Captain of the Army's special forces. Life and work have driven Riva apart from his family. His eldest son, Mattia, has never forgiven him while his daughter, Teresa, loves him unconditionally. However, a tragic event will force Leonida to transform into something he thought he had long buried in the past.

Director: Ludovico Di Martino

Cast: Fabrizio Gifuni, Lino Musella, Monica Piseddu, Andrea Pennacchi, Emanuele Linfatti, Nicolò Galasso, Giacomo Colavito, Giada Gagliardi, Gianmarco Vettori, Silvia Gallerano, Massimiliano Setti, Daria Deflorian, Camille Dugay Comencini, Stefano Guerrieri, Francesca Turrini

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