MoviesAn American in Texas (2017)
An American in Texas (2017)

An American in Texas (2017)

0min | Crime, Drama, Music, War | April 2017 | IMDb : -

Based on a true story, and set in late 1990 against the backdrop of the first gulf war, An American in Texas is the story of lifelong friends as they reach the cusp of adulthood and must decide between the hollow values of corporate careerism; or the narrow way of individualism and freedom.

Director: Anthony Pedone

Cast: Barry Corbin, Tony Cavalero, Quinton Aaron, Keith Jardine, Charlotte Best, James Paxton, David Sullivan, J.R. Villarreal, Christopher Matthew Cook, Annie Cavalero, Joe Stevens, David Yow, Sam Dillon, Jello Biafra, Maggie Wagner

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