MoviesCollege Professor Obsession (2021)
College Professor Obsession (2021)

College Professor Obsession (2021)

0min | Thriller | July 2021 | IMDb : -

When a university student refuses to sleep with her professor in exchange for good grades, she's in danger of being killed to keep her quiet, and her mother must drop everything to save her.

Director: Brent Ryan Green

Cast: Grace Patterson, Jocelyn Saenz, Johanna Liauw, Cody Bagshaw, Mary C. Bruce, Gabriella David, Alexandra Harris, Cassidy Huckabay, Grayson Jones, Ashton Leigh, Tiffany Montgomery, Jacey Nichole, Amanda Pearce, Raymond Roberts, Da'Neille Roy, Brian Shoop, Alexi Smith, Davena Sulevan

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