MoviesThe Rebels of PT-218 (2021)
The Rebels of PT-218 (2021)

The Rebels of PT-218 (2021)

0min | Action, Adventure, Drama, History, War | July 2021 | IMDb : -

PT-218: THE REBELS OF WWII not only tells a true story, but gives us never seen details of what happened in 1942. At the height of WWII, the Atlantic Ocean becomes a deadly battleground as an American torpedo boat fights against the constant bombardment of German forces.

Director: Nick Lyon

Cast: Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts, William Baldwin, Geoff Meed, Lincoln Hoppe, Noah Blake, Eric St. John, Derek Yates, Cap Peterson, Alexander Sternberg, Marcel Miller, Isaac J. Cruz, Johnny Santiago, Billy Baldwin, Benjamin Leasure, Rob Riordan, Daniel Johnstone, Connor Tribole

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