MoviesHooking Up (2020)
Hooking Up (2020)

Hooking Up (2020)

0min | Comedy, Drama | March 2020 | IMDb : -

Bailey and Darla embark upon a misguided and mutually deceitful form of therapy, one in which they must drive across the country re-enacting Darla's colorful history as a sex addict. As their true motivations for the road trip come to light, the unlikely pair force one another to confront their issues, discovering that there might actually be more to love than just sex.

Director: Nico Raineau

Cast: Brianna Adams, Anna Akana, Michael Benefield, Paul Blain, Jason Bremer, Jordana Brewster, Shaun J. Brown, Simply Phillip Brown, Latrice Butts, Jay Dee, Jennifer Dent, David Eaton, Heidi Everly, Vivica A. Fox, Amanda Furman

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