MoviesCrimes of the Past (2009)
Crimes of the Past (2009)

Crimes of the Past (2009)

0min | Drama | April 2009 | IMDb : -

After Tommy Sparrow is severely wounded in a covert CIA operation, he finally comes in from the cold – to retirement. His estranged daughter Josephine is battling both her own destructive nature and the damage done by the disappearance of her father. Tommy carries...

Director: Garrett Bennett

Cast: David Rasche, Elisabeth Röhm, Eric Roberts, Chad Lindberg, John Aylward, Cynthia Geary, Louise Berggren, Grant Goodeve, Olivia Thomas, Paul Morgan Stetler, Natasha Sims, Deb Blume, Tony Doupe, Jhene Erwin, Larry Gross

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