MoviesProject A 2 (1987)
Project A 2 (1987)

Project A 2 (1987)

106min | Action, Comedy, Crime | October 1987 | IMDb : -

Dragon is now transferred to be the police head of Sai Wan district, and has to contend with a gangster kingpin, anti-Manchu revolutionaries, some runaway pirates, Manchu Loyalists and a corrupt Police Superintendent.

Director: Jackie Chan

Cast: Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Rosamund Kwan, Carina Lau, David Lam, Bill Tung, Ray Lui, Regina Kent, Yao Lin Chen, Kenny Ho, Mars, Kin-sang Lee, Ben Lam, John Cheung, Mickey, Ti-Ko Chen, Keung-Kuen Lai, Rocky Lai

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