MoviesGurov and Anna (2014)
Gurov and Anna (2014)

Gurov and Anna (2014)

100min | Drama, Romance | October 2014 | IMDb : -

With his marriage to Audrey almost at an end, Ben begins a torrid affair with Mercedes, a young French student in his writing class. The affair soon spins out of control, their emotions and Ben and Audrey's family hanging in the balance.

Director: Rafaël Ouellet

Cast: Andreas Apergis, Sophie Desmarais, Carlo Mestroni, Adam Bernett, Éric Bruneau, Pierre Chaves, Emma Cormier, Stella Cormier, Catherine De Sève, Marcello Di Fruscia, Marie Fugain, Emmanuelle Gilbert, Gara Nlandu, Christine Rodriguez

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