MoviesThe Book of Job (2021)
The Book of Job (2021)

The Book of Job (2021)

0min | Comedy, Drama | February 2021 | IMDb : -

The Book of Job is about a high school student who has trouble separating reality from fiction. Young Job falls "madly in love" with a new girl who catches his eye one Sunday mass. In the midst of his conforming to what he believes to be her idealized standards, he realizes his life is about so much more than simply himself.

Director: Andrew Oh

Cast: Benjamin Singel, Robb Hudspeth, Eileen Alger, Ricco Fajardo, Lakessa Zeno, Miles Alexander, Kerry McCormick, Lauren Floyd, Allison Hardin, Eric Berg, Cole Cordell, Malik Simmons, Diron Jones, Noah Jackson, Millie Patten

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