MoviesForgotten (2017)
Forgotten (2017)

Forgotten (2017)

108min | Mystery, Thriller | November 2017 | IMDb : 7.2

Jin-seok, 21-year-old, moves into a new house with his family. He suffers from a slight schizophrenia but he carries an ordinary life under the warm care of the family. His older brother Yu-seok is a decent college student, a mentor, and role model for Jin-seok. One night, his beloved brother is kidnapped by unidentified assailants before Jin-seok’s eye. Jin-seok can’t recognize their faces, but can remember only the VIN that matches with no car.

Director: Hang-jun Zhang

Cast: Ha-Neul Kang, Mu-Yeol Kim, Seong-kun Mun, Young-hee Na

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