MoviesSecrets in Suburbia (2017)
Secrets in Suburbia (2017)

Secrets in Suburbia (2017)

90min | Drama | April 2017 | IMDb : -

After discovering that her three best friends and her husband are plotting to murder her and steal her family fortune, Gloria, an otherwise kind-hearted housewife and mother of two, unfolds and exacts a deadly revenge on all who betrayed her. In this sexy, soapy tale of love, lust and hate no one can be trusted. No one. Brianna Brown, Joe Williamson, Onira Tares, Tara Conner star.

Director: Damián Romay

Cast: Brianna Brown, Tara Conner, Joe Williamson, Onira Tares, Linn Bjornland, Sydney Hoover, Brody Behr, Jonathan Riggs, Dylan Keith Adams, Kathlene Ashcraft, Cliff Cash, Gray Hawks, Danny Patty, Charles Poole, Michelle Poole

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