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Eugenia (2017)

Eugenia (2017)

0min | Drama | April 2017 | IMDb : -

Meditations on what it means to be a woman who is neither a wife nor a mother in modern day Bolivia as experienced by Eugenia, a not-quite-young, not-quite-middle-aged woman endeavoring to find herself after leaving an abusive relationship.

Director: Martín Boulocq

Cast: Andrea Camponovo, Daniel Abud, Giovana Aguirre, Danilo Arellano, Alejandria Avila, Lucia Butkoffer, Juliano Camponovo, Rafael Camponovo, Erica Cavero, Cristina Choque, Elizabeth Delgadillo, Avaro Eid, Daniela Gabela, Marcrelo Galarza, Alicia Gamio

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