MoviesThe Midnight Hour (1985)
The Midnight Hour (1985)

The Midnight Hour (1985)

0min | Comedy, Horror, Romance, Thriller | November 1985 | IMDb : -

Phil, Melissa, Mitch, Mary, and Vinnie are high school friends, who unwittingly raise the dead on Halloween night. Once the dead have returned, Pitchford Cove will never be the same again....or will it?

Director: Jack Bender

Cast: Jonelle Allen, Shari Belafonte, LeVar Burton, Peter DeLuise, Jonna Lee, Kevin McCarthy, Lee Montgomery, Cindy Morgan, Dedee Pfeiffer, Dick Van Patten, Mark Blankfield, Hank Garrett, Sheila Larken, Dennis Redfield, Kurtwood Smith

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