MoviesThe Old Man and the Sea (1990)
The Old Man and the Sea (1990)

The Old Man and the Sea (1990)

0min | Drama | March 1990 | IMDb : -

Based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway. Santiago goes out on his usual fishing trip and makes a huge catch, the biggest of his life. Then a shark attacks and tries to steal his catch. Santiago battles with the shark for days. He returns to the shore beaten, tattered and torn, and his catch consisting now of mostly bones.

Director: Jud Taylor

Cast: Anthony Quinn, Gary Cole, Patricia Clarkson, Joe Santos, Valentina Quinn, Francesco Quinn, Paul Calderon, Sully Diaz, Jaime Tirelli, Raúl Dávila, James McDaniel, Rene Rivera, Steven Rodriquez, Manuel E. Santiago, Alexis Cruz

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