MoviesGates of Paradise (2019)
Gates of Paradise (2019)

Gates of Paradise (2019)

0min | Drama | August 2019 | IMDb : -

Orphaned and crippled, Heaven's daughter Annie is whisked off to Farthinggale Manor by Tony Tatterton. She pines for her lost family, especially her beloved cousin/half-brother Luke. Without the warm glow of his love, she's lost in the shadows of despair and forced in to submission by Nurse Broadfield. When Annie discovers a cottage hidden in Farthinggale's woods, the mystery of her past deepens and her hopes and dreams are darkened by the sinister Casteel spell.

Director: Gail Harvey

Cast: Lizzie Boys, Jason Priestley, Johannah Newmarch, Jason Cermak, Pauline Egan, Daphne Zuniga, Keenan Tracey, Michael Karl Richards, Sarah Corrigan, Jordan Ninkovich

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