MoviesThe Rise of the Krays (2015)
The Rise of the Krays (2015)

The Rise of the Krays (2015)

110min | Crime | May 2015 | IMDb : -

Follows the early years of two unknown 18 year old amateur boxers who quickly fought their way to becoming the most feared and respected villains in all of London. Told through the eyes of a close friend that survived them, we see them rise to infamy through drugs, sex and murder.

Director: Zackary Adler

Cast: Nicola Stapleton, Kevin Leslie, Simon Cotton, Mariola Jaworska, Mark Preston, Alexa Morden, Paul Blackwell, Alex Marx, Philip Howard, Danny Midwinter, Philip Prajoux, Georg Nikoloff, Dean Roberts, James Weber Brown, Joanne Manchester

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