MoviesCode of Thieves (2020)
Code of Thieves (2020)

Code of Thieves (2020)

0min | Action | May 2020 | IMDb : -

A tale regarding disgraced former Cops Principal Daniel Hartwell of Flint, MI, his unfaithful partner, Poppy Hartwell, and also his two grown-up little girls, Destiny and Chasity during the results of Flint water dilemma. Making the mistake of robbing a powerful drug dealer. A group of friends are forced to rob a bank to make amends.

Director: Brandon Cornett

Cast: Tory Monay, Marcia Adams, Will Coleman, King Wesley, Cameron Cottrell, Nigel morris, London Scott, Dan Schmidt, Tristin Fazekas, Daris Bass, Velda Hunter, Zo Kelly, Ericka Washington, Eastside Boom, King Wesley

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