MoviesLive or Let Die (2021)
Live or Let Die (2021)

Live or Let Die (2021)

96min | Horror | April 2021 | IMDb : -

A man sets out to find his wife in an apocalyptic world overrun by the living dead, and where the living are just as dangerous and deadly as the relentless living dead.

Director: Manuel Urbaneck

Cast: Jan Bohlenschmidt, Manuel Urbaneck, Steven Mooers, Alona Hertha, Michael Valentin, Heiko Schulz, Markus Hettich, Dirk Jeblick, Kai Erfurt, Anna Eversheim, Richard Schaffert, Sven Glowatzki, Rosanna Schymanski, Thomas Bickert, Rainer Deny, Pelinay Goermez, Rolf Markiewiez, Thomas Mauer

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