MoviesDamn the Defiant! (1962)
Damn the Defiant! (1962)

Damn the Defiant! (1962)

101min | Action, Drama, History, War | April 1962 | IMDb : 7.1

On the H.M.S. Defiant, during the French Revolutionary War, fair Captain Crawford is locked in a battle of wills against his cruel second-in-command Lieutenant Scott-Padget, whose heavy-handed command style pushes the crew to mutiny.

Director: Lewis Gilbert

Cast: Alec Guinness, Dirk Bogarde, Maurice Denham, Nigel Stock, Richard Carpenter, Peter Gill, David Robinson, Robin Stewart, Ray Brooks, Peter Greenspan, Anthony Quayle, Tom Bell, Murray Melvin, Victor Maddern, Bryan Pringle

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