MoviesDeadly Secrets by the Lake (2017)
Deadly Secrets by the Lake (2017)

Deadly Secrets by the Lake (2017)

86min | Drama, Mystery | February 2017 | IMDb : -

Based on an original idea co-developed by LMN and Harlequin, this whodunit murder mystery uncovers the secrets kept by the idyllic lakeside town of Thornwood Heights.

Director: Don McBrearty

Cast: Stefanie von Pfetten, Steve Byers, Tahmoh Penikett, Fulvio Cecere, Claire Rankin, Ferelith Young, Chris Gillett, Conrad Coates, Jon Cor, Andrew Moodie, Brianna Goldie, Dean Armstrong, Shannon Kook, Emma Belanger, Caroline Dufort

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