MoviesBravo Two Zero (1999)
Bravo Two Zero (1999)

Bravo Two Zero (1999)

0min | Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller, War | May 1999 | IMDb : -

When an elite eight-man British SAS team is dropped behind enemy lines, their mission is clear: take out Saddam Hussein's SCUD missile systems. But when communications are cut and the team finds themselves surrounded by Saddam's army, their only hope is to risk capture and torture in a desperate 185-kilometer run to the Syrian border.

Director: Tom Clegg

Cast: Sean Bean, Jamie Bartlett, Kevin Collins, Ian Curtis, Richard Graham, Robert Hobbs, Steve Nicolson, Rick Warden, Ron Senior Jr., Robert Whitehead, Caz Abrahams, Nicholas Ashby, Barry Berk, Julia Booth, Melissa Carter

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