MoviesA Bread Factory, Part One (2018)
A Bread Factory, Part One (2018)

A Bread Factory, Part One (2018)

0min | Comedy, Drama | October 2018 | IMDb : -

After 40 years of running their community arts space, The Bread Factory, Dorothea and Greta are suddenly fighting for survival when a celebrity couple--performance artists from China--come to Checkford and build an enormous complex down the street catapulting big changes in their small town.

Director: Patrick Wang

Cast: Tyne Daly, Elisabeth Henry-Macari, James Marsters, Shershah Mizan, Nana Visitor, Keaton Nigel Cooke, Glynnis O'Connor, Zachary Sayle, Janet Hsieh, George Young, Brian Murray, Nan-Lyn Nelson, Ciarra Fragale, Julia Arden Rock, Janeane Garofalo

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