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Ferrugem (2018)

Ferrugem (2018)

0min | Drama | August 2018 | IMDb : -

Tati and Renet were already trading pics, videos and music by their cell phones, and on the last school trip they started making eye contact. However, what could be the beginning of a love story, turns to an end.

Director: Aly Muritiba

Cast: Giovanni de Lorenzi, Tifanny Dopke, Enrique Diaz, Clarissa Kiste, Pedro Inoue, Duda Azevedo, Vitor Hugo Amaral, Igor Augustho, Nathalia Garcia, Otavio Linhares, Giovanna Negrelli, Augusto PallĂș, Gustavo Piaskoski, Giovana Soar

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