MoviesBeyond Paranormal (2021)
Beyond Paranormal (2021)

Beyond Paranormal (2021)

102min | Horror, Sci-Fi | September 2021 | IMDb : -

Box Girl Lily an influencer wannabe will risk anything for fans including her boyfriend's sanity. Promoting her next project she receives a mysterious statue. Desperate for likes she recruits him to capture her own possession. The social media crazed couple get more than they can bargain for when she calls upon powers that are beyond paranormal.

Director: Matteo Ribaudo

Cast: Cortney Palm, Ryan Donowho, Patricia Rae, Oliver Cooper, Clint Howard, Erick Nathan, Anthony Cruz, Nikki Howard, James Pippi, Farron Marcus Gonzales, Sala Baker, Ty Quiamboa, Tony Martinez, Jeanette O'Connor, Veta Horwitz, Micah Cohen

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