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O.G. (2018)

O.G. (2018)

0min | Drama | November 2018 | IMDb : -

A maximum-security prison inmate named Louis, who, 24 years after committing a violent crime as a young man, finds himself on the cusp of release from prison, facing an uncertain future on the outside. He encounters Beech, a newly incarcerated young man who offers him much needed-friendship, though it's not without unfortunate complications.

Director: Madeleine Sackler

Cast: Jeffrey Wright, William Fichtner, Boyd Holbrook, Mare Winningham, David Patrick Kelly, Yul Vazquez, Bahni Turpin, Ryan Cutrona, Ato Essandoh, Kevin Jackson, Candido Carter, Amanda Christine, Sergeant J.C. Jackson, Kyle McKinney, Amy Pauszek

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