All the Queen's Men (2021)

All the Queen's Men (2021)

Centers around the life of "Marilyn 'Madam' DeVille,". Madam is a fierce businesswoman who is at the top of her game in the nightclub industry and surrounded by a band of trusted employees who are down to make sure that she is successful. But Madam, a self-proclaimed boss, soon discovers that more money and more power means more problems.

Cast: Eva Marcille, Racquel Palmer, Donny Carrington, Julia Pace Mitchell, Audrey Williams, Vivian Lamolli, Timothy Morris Lane, Leslie Sheri, Emma Anne Wedemeyer, Brittany Passion, Ashlee Brian, La'Toya Kirkland, Bruna Boa Mutunda, Jeryl Prescott, Frank Humphrey III, Nzinga Imani, Todd Anthony Manaigo, Duby Maduegbunam

10Season 1

Everybody vs Madam

September 9, 2021

Things come crumbling down when Tina gets in Doc's way and Blue becomes prime suspect number one. Red is not taking no for an answer and Dime and the club are his target. Kat has had enough of Madam and Amp pays the ultimate price.

09Season 1

Balls to the Walls

September 9, 2021

Madam is all business until family is involved, making it known they are not to be messed with. Things heat up with Dime and Amp, as he contemplates his new life. Doc tries to make things better with his widowed mistress, but for Tina, things take a turn.

08Season 1

The Ringmaster

September 9, 2021

Madam discovers that she is being investigated by the GBI and her father's past comes crashing at the doorsteps of the club. Red ultimately reveals his true intentions and Amp is the prime target, but he isn't the only one after him.

07Season 1


September 9, 2021

Shemika is a cop, but Madam will do whatever it takes. Amp and Dime get closer, and he keeps his new path private from his roommate. Tina is up to no good and Doc is in the middle of a bad love affair and new-found info that will change his life forever.

06Season 1

When the Family Feuds

September 9, 2021

Madam gets control of her father but not without a fight. Amp hits the stage at amateur night and is a hit with the ladies and Dime. Shemika is in trouble and Madam sends back up, but things are not what she thinks.

05Season 1

Dirty Dancing

September 9, 2021

Madam has no compassion for Judge Ross, but opens up to the angst of Shemika's challenges. Trouble continues to find Amp, so he takes a chance on Amateur Night in hopes of a fresh start. Allen's murder is still unsolved, and Madam is on the suspect list.

04Season 1

Looking at Trouble

September 9, 2021

Madam's secrets seep from the grave and her dad pays the cost. Back at Eden, Trouble hits the stage at Amateur night as Amp contemplates life as a dancer.

03Season 1

Blackmail Baby

September 9, 2021

Madam expands her queendom despite the complex situation with Allen. A new vigilante hides in the shadows with his sights set on the queen, whose dealings cost her loved ones safety. Amp finally works at the club, but is suspicious about his roommate.

02Season 1

Silent Partner

September 9, 2021

Allen's blood lands in the hands of Madam as she becomes the prime suspect for Detective Davis. Amp struggles to get his life back as he encounters a bizarre roommate and the disgruntled keeper of the halfway house on a mission to send Amp back to prison.

01Season 1

The Pilot

September 9, 2021

Madam Devile, owner of Club Eden, runs into trouble when her leading shareholder threatens to sell the male exotic club. Amp, her nephew released from prison, seeks help to get his life back.