Undercover Billionaire (2019)

Undercover Billionaire (2019)

A successful entrepreneur is dropped into a remote community with little resources and has 90 days to create a successful company.

Cast: Glenn Stearns, RJ Messenger, Dawn Van Scoter

06Season 2

Be Afraid, But Do It Anyway

February 10, 2021

Be Afraid, But Do It Anyway

05Season 2

The Closers

February 3, 2021

Monique doubles down when her fundraising deadline passes. Grant launches two $1 million business ideas. Elaine rushes ahead with renovations to land a major investor.

04Season 2

Fist or Finesse

February 17, 2021

Grant receives a shocking call that could mean game over. Monique's plans go up in flames just before her big investors pitch. Elaine comes up with a unique plan for acquiring renovation funds for the inn.

03Season 2

Pressure Tests

January 20, 2021

After a catastrophic setback, Grant struggles to regain his footing. Monique goes all in on her $1 million idea. Elaine races full steam ahead to expand her team and land a critical business partner.

02Season 2

Hustle Up

January 13, 2021

Grant hustles for a big score to kick-start his business and get out of the RV, Monique needs work and pressure tests her concept, and with her back against the wall, Elaine lands on a million-dollar idea.

01Season 2

Three Million Dollar Bet

January 6, 2021

With just $100 in their pockets, three business titans are dropped in unfamiliar cities, stripped of their names, money, and contacts and given a simple challenge - to build a $1 million business in just 90 days.