Children Ruin Everything (2022)

Children Ruin Everything (2022)

Astrid and James, who struggle to find a balance between being mom and dad to two kids and being who they were before offspring.

Cast: Meaghan Rath, Aaron Abrams, Nazneen Contractor, Logan Nicholson, Mikayla SwamiNathan, Ennis Esmer, Veena Sood, Lisa Codrington, Derick Agyemang, Jorja Cadence, Dmitry Chepovetsky, Vanessa Mitchell, Marc Hickox, Darius Rota, Olivia Rose Montefiore, Abbas Wahab, Seán Cullen, Yvette McKoy

02Season 1


January 19, 2022

Pressured to not look "like a dad" for an upcoming work event, James takes his kids out on a shopping trip. Seán Cullen guest stars.

01Season 1


January 12, 2022

James and Astrid try to have a nice family dinner to celebrate a special occasion, but their young children make it challenging.