History of Swear Words (2021)

History of Swear Words (2021)

An education in expletives: the history lesson you didn’t know you needed hosted by Nicolas Cage. A loud and proudly profane series that explores the origins, pop culture-usage, science and cultural impact of curse words.

Cast: Nikki Glaser, London Hughes, Elvis Mitchell, Melissa Mohr, Kory Stamper, Nicolas Cage, DeRay Davis, Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, Benjamin Bergen, Joel Kim Booster, Jim Jefferies, Patti Harrison, Open Mike Eagle, Zainab Johnson, Mireille Miller-Young

06Season 1


January 5, 2021

Though quite mild when compared with its profane brethren, "damn" has maintained its meaning from biblical times and can still pack a punch even today.

05Season 1


January 5, 2021

From its feline origins to its modern slang uses describing genitalia or insulting manhood, learn how "pussy" has stood the test of time.

04Season 1


January 5, 2021

You can have one or you can be one. But how did an unassuming nickname for "Richard" become one of our most popular swear words?

03Season 1


January 5, 2021

Though it literally means "female dog", in recent years, some women have started to reclaim the "B word" as a term of strength and solidarity.

02Season 1


January 5, 2021

With medieval roots as a term for excrement, this filthy vulgarity evolved over time into something much more versatile - and sometimes even positive.

01Season 1


January 5, 2021

The silly putty of the English language, our most malleable swear word can refer to sex, rage, confusion, excitement and a whole lot more.