Big Sky (2020)

Big Sky (2020)

A private detective teams up with an ex-cop to solve a kidnapping case in Montana.

Cast: Kylie Bunbury, Brian Geraghty, Gabriel Jacob-Cross, Arggy Jenati, Jeff Joseph, Jesse James Keitel, Natalie Alyn Lind, John Carroll Lynch, Valerie Mahaffey, Gage Marsh, Jade Pettyjohn, Dedee Pfeiffer, Ryan Phillippe, Brooke Smith, Katheryn Winnick

02Season 1

Nowhere to Run

November 24, 2020

Forced to form an unlikely team, Cassie and Jenny set out to continue the search for the missing girls. Meanwhile, Danielle, Grace and Jerrie get to work on planning their escape, leading Legarski to struggle with the consequences of his actions as a distracted Ronald deals with a difficult relationship with his mother.

01Season 1


November 17, 2020

While on a road trip to visit her boyfriend in Montana, Danielle Sullivan and her sister Grace are kidnapped by a truck driver on a remote part of the highway, setting off a chain of events that leads private detectives Cody Hoyt and Cassie Dewell to team up with Cody's estranged wife and ex-cop, Jenny Hoyt, to search for the sisters.