Don't (2020)

Don't (2020)

Adam Scott hosts a comedic physical game show, in which contestants team up with their family and friends to play hilarious tasks about what you "Don't" do to win big cash. Meanwhile, a shadowy character (Ryan Reynolds) riffs the show.

Cast: Adam Scott, Ryan Reynolds, David Riley, Giuseppe Riley, Jaime Riley, Lisa Riley

03Season 1

Don't Parent Trap on National TV

June 25, 2020

Don't Parent Trap on National TV

02Season 1

Don't Move in With Your Parents

June 18, 2020

A blended family from Los Angeles show off their skills in various challenges.

01Season 1

Don't Be a Wiseguy

June 11, 2020

Host Adam Scott puts an Italian American family of go-getters from Stanton Island to the test. Meanwhile, the show's omnipotent shadowy narrator played by Ryan Reynolds riffs on the show in a uniquely Deadpool way.