Little House on the Prairie (1974)

Little House on the Prairie (1974)

The life and adventures of the Ingalls family in the 19th century American West.

Cast: Melissa Gilbert, Michael Landon, Rachel Lindsay Greenbush, Sidney Greenbush, Karen Grassle, Melissa Sue Anderson, Scottie MacGregor, Richard Bull, Jonathan Gilbert, Kevin Hagen, Alison Arngrim, Matthew Labyorteaux

24Season 6

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: Part 2

May 12, 1980

Laura helps Adam and Mary set up a new blind school in Sleepy Eye to try to get her mind off of Almanzo. Almanzo gets very sick.

23Season 6

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: Part 1

May 5, 1980

Almanzo proposes to Laura, but Charles says that the marriage is on hold until Laura's 18th birthday. When Laura decides to honor her father's request, Almanzo feels that Laura is perhaps not mature enough to make a commitment and leaves town.

22Season 6

Sweet Sixteen

February 25, 1980

Laura helps Adam and Mary set up a new blind school in Sleepy Eye to try to get her mind off of Almanzo. Almanzo gets very sick.

21Season 6

Second Spring

February 18, 1980

Oleson leaves home and meets a young woman who almost makes him forget his age---and his wife.

20Season 6

Wilder and Wilder

February 11, 1980

Laura gets the opportunity to be a temporary teacher for a nearby town. Almanzo drives her to the school. Laura realizes in this episode that Almanzo also has feelings for her. Their romance steps up another degree in this episode.

19Season 6

May We Make Them Proud: Part 2

February 4, 1980

Albert, Mary and Jonathan - all deeply impacted by the fire at the School For the Blind - continue to deal with their emotions. Charles helps Jonathan realize that his alcoholism has taken a toll on his son, Andy, while Mary snaps out of her shock when she hears the melody of the music box Albert had purchased for her as a gift.

18Season 6

May We Make Them Proud: Part 1

February 4, 1980

Nels finally gets fed up with his wife and starts his own mobile merchant business. At a boarding house in another town, he meets a lovely young woman ... and nearly gives into temptation when he almost has an affair with her.

17Season 6

Silent Promises

January 28, 1980

Almanzo's brother, Perley comes to town. Perley injures one of Almanzo's horses. Mr. Ingalls is proud of Almanzo when Charles sees him trying to nurse his horse back to normal. Throughout the show, Almanzo becomes more interested in Laura.

16Season 6

Darkness Is My Friend

January 21, 1980

On a dark and stormy night, Laura and Mary are staying alone at the School For the Blind when they are taken hostage by a trio of escaped convicts. One of the criminals is badly injured, and his cohorts demand to see a doctor. Laura is sent to get Dr. Baker, warned that the consequences will be deadly if she tries any tricks.

15Season 6

Whatever Happened to the Class of '56?

January 14, 1980

During a visit to a farmer's convention in Milwaukee, Charles and Caroline meet up with old school mates. Charles learns that larger farmers are trying to put his small farming friends out of business and urges them to stand up for their profession.

14Season 6

The Werewolf of Walnut Grove

January 7, 1980

A deaf boy learns how to communicate with people when Laura teaches him sign language. The boy falls in love with her.

13Season 6

The Angry Heart

December 17, 1979

Some escaped convicts take refuge at the blind school during a stormy night. Laura and Mary are held captives there. One of the convicts tells Laura to go get a doctor. Laura goes and gets her Pa. Pretending to be the doctor, Charles is able to disarm the convicts.

12Season 6

Crossed Connections

December 10, 1979

Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls travel to a farmers convention. They want to meet up with some of their old friends. Charles tries to convince the small farmers to stand up to the larger farms. Caroline is ready to go home when she finds out that several of her friends are unhappy with the way their lives have turned out. The Ingalls are more than happy to go back home.

11Season 6

Author! Author!

November 26, 1979

Walnut Grove has a school bully, Bart. Albert and Laura want to teach the bully a lesson. Albert dresses up as a werewolf, but the bully doesn't buy it when Carrie comes out and tells Albert and Laura that she'll tell Ma that all of the glue was used by them. Laura and Albert come up with another plan. But in the end, it takes the joint efforts of the school children to get the bully to be nice.

10Season 6

The Faith Healer

November 19, 1979

Todd was a boy who got beaten up by his drunk father. Now Todd is 17 and is visiting his grandparents in Walnut Grove. Todd quickly gets into trouble. Charles puts Todd in jail when his watch is stolen. Todd is forced to work on Mr. Ingalls' farm. This causes Todd to learn to become a nicer person.

09Season 6

The King Is Dead

November 12, 1979

The telephone comes to Walnut Grove, and Mrs. Olesen is hired as the switchboard operator. She takes advantage of her responsibilities to engage in her favorite pastime: gathering gossip. It will have a very damaging effect on the Garveys' marriage when she learns about Alice's hidden past.

08Season 6

The Return of Mr. Edwards

November 5, 1979

When Isaiah Edwards loses his will to live after a crippling logging accident, a letter to Walnut Grove from his worried wife, Grace, brings Charles and Laura back to the big woods to try to help their old friend.

07Season 6

The Halloween Dream

October 29, 1979

On Halloween, Albert has a dream where he and Laura are kidnapped by a rogue Indian tribe after they are mistaken as members of a rival tribe.

06Season 6

The Preacher Takes a Wife

October 22, 1979

Rev. Alden creates a stir in Walnut Grove when he falls in love with elderly parishioner Anna Craig. Mrs. Oleson objects to the relationship and gives the good preacher a choice: Either call off the impending marriage or get fired!

05Season 6


October 15, 1979

A circus comes to Walnut Grove. Everybody is helping set up, except Nels Oleson. His long, lost sister is in the circus. Only Mrs. Oleson believes her husband's story about his sister. Nels is nominated to be the announcer at the circus. When he announces his sister, he says, ""My sister, Annabelle."" These words lead to Nels and Annabella becoming very close siblings.

04Season 6

The Third Miracle

October 8, 1979

Adam wins a prestigious award. Laura and Albert give the Christmas money they had made from collecting honey, to Adam and Mary to go on a trip to receive the award. The stagecoach is involved in a very serious accident.

03Season 6

The Family Tree

October 1, 1979

A school project on genealogy leads Albert to confront his dark past. As the Ingalls help Albert with the project, Charles and Caroline decide to adopt the young lad. Then, Albert's biological father Mr. Quinn shows up.

02Season 6

Back to School: Part 2

September 24, 1979

Laura and Nellie butt heads when they engage in a series of dirty tricks over romantic interest, the handsome Almanzo Wilder.

01Season 6

Back to School: Part 1

September 17, 1979

The sixth-season begins with several new stories. First, there's the arrival of new teacher Eliza Jane Wilder and her handsome brother, Almanzo. Rivals Laura and Nellie have their eye on the 25-year-old New York native, and are determined to do anything to snare him. Mrs. Oleson, meanwhile, gives recent Walnut School graduate Nellie her own business: A hotel and restaurant in her name!