The Pembrokeshire Murders (2021)

The Pembrokeshire Murders (2021)

Detective superintendent reopens two unsolved murder cases from the 1980s. Forensic methods link the crimes to a string of burglaries. Steve's team has to find more evidence before the perpetrator is released from prison.

Cast: Luke Evans, Keith Allen, Caroline Berry, Oliver Ryan, Alexandria Riley, Charles Dale, David Fynn, Richard Corgan, Kyle Lima, Roger Evans, Steffan Cennydd, Simon Nehan, Anastasia Hille, Sarah Jane, Owen Teale

03Season 1

Episode 3

January 13, 2021

A long-awaited forensic breakthrough gives Detective Steve Wilkins and his team the ammunition they need to finally arrest and prosecute John Cooper.

02Season 1

Episode 2

January 12, 2021

With Cooper's second parole hearing looming closer, Detective Steve Wilkins and his team face Cooper head-on in three days of interviews.

01Season 1

Episode 1

January 11, 2021

Newly returned to Pembrokeshire, Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins looks into a brutal double murder which was never solved. Known locally as the Coastal Path murders, he is shocked to discover links to two other notorious unsolved crimes.