Q: Into the Storm (2021)

Q: Into the Storm (2021)

When documentary filmmaker Cullen Hoback sets out to uncover the forces behind QAnon, his attention turns to 8chan, the site where "Q" posts.

Cast: Cullen Hoback, Fredrick Brennan, Craig James, Ron Watkins, Will Sommer, Liz Crokin, Jim Watkins, Dustin Nemos, Tom Riedel, Jack Posobiec, Jared Holt, Paul Furber, Jamie Buteau, Jenn Buteau, Aubrey Cottle, Tracy Beanz, DeAnna Lorraine, Julian Feeld, Jake Rockatansky, Joseph Uscinski, Roberto Bui, Thomas Schoenberger, Colin Skow, Anne Armstrong, Alan Gordon, Michelle Lynn, Nick Noe, Benjamin Barr, Paul Vallely, Stephen Klein, Omar Navarro, Jason Sullivan, William Binney, Zoë Quinn, Mark Mann, Coleman Rogers, A.J. Vicens, Jake Angeli, Christina Urso, Travis View, Roger Stone

06Season 1

The Storm

April 4, 2021

With the world in lockdown from COVID-19, Q's wild theories draw in new followers and get amplified by major political figures –all of which culminate in the siege at the U.S. Capitol.

05Season 1

Game Over

April 4, 2021

As the rivalry between Fred and the Watkins intensifies, 8chan is relaunched as "8kun," where Q re-emerges after months being offline.

04Season 1

Panic in D.C.

March 28, 2021

After a series of mass shootings, 8chan shuts down and Q goes dark. Jim is summoned to appear before Congress for a hearing on digital hate speech.

03Season 1

Disinformation Is Real

March 28, 2021

After QAnon supporters hope for a "Red Wave," an anonymous insider gives Cullen a tip suggesting 8chan's owners may have connections to President Trump's inner circle. Meanwhile, a feud emerges between Fred and the Watkins.

02Season 1

Do You Believe In Coincidences?

March 21, 2021

Cullen travels to Manila where he meets the secretive team behind 8chan, the site where Q posts. After looking into Fred Brennan's motives for starting the site, the investigation turns to Jim and Ron Watkins, the reclusive father/son duo who own and operate 8chan. Back in the U.S., prominent QAnons get booted from a far-right conference.

01Season 1

Calm Before the Storm

March 21, 2021

Documentary filmmaker Cullen Hoback sets out to demystify the origins of QAnon, understand its mechanics, and search for clues that could identify Q. Traveling from the U.S. to South Africa, he gains unprecedented access to its earliest promoters, who reveal a suspicious shift in Q's behavior.