The Age of Nature (2020)

The Age of Nature (2020)

Humanity's relationship with nature and wildlife and how scientists and conservationists study ways to restore the planet.

Cast: Uma Thurman

03Season 1


October 28, 2020

Our world is governed by the rules of Nature, and we are seeing it unleash its power. As global warming accelerates, it's clear that restoring Nature is our only defense against an uncertain future. Are we ready to change our destiny?

02Season 1


October 21, 2020

A new understanding of the way Nature works is helping us find some ways of fixing it. As our understanding deepens, we realize that everything is connected, and by helping to restore Nature we all benefit, humans and animals alike.

01Season 1


October 14, 2020

Our awareness of Nature is growing. As we discover its role in our modern world and realize its true value, action is being taken to protect and restore it. This story is told by contributors who reveal the awakening of a new era.