Feel Good (2020)

Feel Good (2020)

The series follows recovering addict and comedian Mae, who is trying to control the addictive behaviors and intense romanticism that permeate every facet of her life.

Cast: Mae Martin, Charlotte Ritchie, Sophie Thompson, Tom Andrews, Phil Burgers, Ramon Tikaram, Tobi Bamtefa, Ophelia Lovibond, Jack Barry, Rosalind March, Sindhu Vee, Ritu Arya, Lisa Kudrow, Tom Durant Pritchard, Steen Raskopoulos, Adrian Lukis, Al Roberts, Pippa Haywood, Chetna Pandya, Rebecca Gethings

06Season 1


March 19, 2020

Mae hits rock bottom after her break-up with George. While George is pining for her, Mae's having casual sex - but her heart's not in it. Mae starts to fall back into her old habits of self-destruction. Is she a lost cause?

05Season 1


March 19, 2020

The arrival of Noughties heart-throb Arnie Rivers at the comedy club knocks Mae's confidence in her relationship. Arnie tells Mae to be as honest as possible on stage, catapulting her career but collapsing her relationship with George.

04Season 1


March 19, 2020

Mae learns that her parents are visiting the UK but haven't thought to tell her. They're in Blackpool, scattering the cat's ashes. An incensed Mae hotfoots it to the North to join them, taking George with her for moral support.

03Season 1


March 19, 2020

As their relationship continues to heat up at home, Mae is growing increasingly insecure about George's public attitude toward her. Things reach a climax when they attend a house party.

02Season 1


March 19, 2020

Mae and George are so loved-up they haven't spent a moment apart since they met. But when George goes away to a wedding, Mae realises that she's forgotten how to be on her own.

01Season 1


March 19, 2020

Stand-up comedian Mae is stuck in a rut - she's single, in recovery from a drug addiction and sleeping on a friend's sofa. Then she meets the magnetic, but previously heterosexual George.