21 Jump Street (1987)

21 Jump Street (1987)

The cases of an undercover police unit composed of young looking officers specializing in youth crime.

Cast: Johnny Depp, Holly Robinson Peete, Steven Williams, Peter DeLuise, Dustin Nguyen, Sal Jenco

23Season 5

Second Chances

April 27, 1991

An ex-con who is mentored by Hoffs is suspected of reverting to his old ways of stealing cars. Although Hoffs has her doubts, McCann investigates.

22Season 5


April 20, 1991

Hoffs witnesses the drive-by-shooting of a gang member, and she goes undercover in her gang with dual objectives: to find her killer and to take down the leader of an associated gang, who is linked to a large gun-running ring.

21Season 5

Bad Day at Blackburn

April 13, 1991

Fuller, Hoffs and Mac go undercover to investigate a gang of high school extortionists operating in a high school.

20Season 5


April 6, 1991

McCann goes undercover on a high school football team to investigate the death of a player, and he finds that a company has been dumping toxic waste at a site near the school.

19Season 5


March 30, 1991

Hoffs is sued for entrapment by a man who she busted for soliciting her while she was undercover as a prostitute. The case becomes personal when the man is represented by the ex-wife of the man Hoffs is dating.

18Season 5

Under the Influence

March 23, 1991

McCann infiltrates a group of Satanists who have been attacking homeless people while Fuller goes undercover as a homeless man.

17Season 5

Coppin' Out

February 23, 1991

The Jump Street unit investigates a group of kids that has been robbing the homes of elderly people. Meanwhile, Fuller begins dating the mother of one of the suspects.

16Season 5

In the Name of Love

February 16, 1991

Mac has to date a daughter of a reputed drug dealer in a confidential FBI case at the same time he is trying to rebuild a relantionship with an old flame.

15Season 5

Film at Eleven

February 9, 1991

After finding the missing daughter of a famous reporter, Mac tries to solve the mistery behind the missing.

14Season 5

Baby Blues

January 21, 1991

Joey kills someone in the line of duty. To help him cope, his psychologist recommends that he enter into an experimental program in which he helps care for a drug-addicted baby.

13Season 5

The Education of Terry Carver

January 14, 1991

A woman who has been raped asks for Judy's help. When the Jump Street team looks into it they find that the accused man has an alibi and campus security has no record of the report, leading them to believe there has been a cover-up.

12Season 5

Equal Protection

January 5, 1991

Hoffs witnesses two officers harass three black kids that she knows. She convinces the kids to testify against the officers, but the investigation is at risk of stalling when the officers try to scare them out of testifying.

11Season 5

Number One with a Bullet

December 22, 1990

Doug is seriously wounded while on a case and while the doctors try to save his life he enters limbo where the people he meets there cause him to reconsider his choice of career.

10Season 5

Diplomas for Sale

December 8, 1990

When a student gets killed while trying to commit a robbery, Fuller sends the team to check it out. And the trail leads them to a place where students buy and sell school papers.

09Season 5

The Girl Next Door

December 1, 1990

A star football player is killed when he is hit by a car. McCann goes undercover as his best friend's biology tutor to try to find the killer, but he is unsure of how to proceed once he develops feelings for the girl.

08Season 5

This Ain't No Summer Camp

November 24, 1990

Doug and Joey enroll in a wilderness camp for troubled teams to investigate a murder that happened there and find themselves constantly in trouble with the ex-marine who runs the place.

07Season 5


November 17, 1990

Doug has a strained reunion with his estranged younger brother Joey when Joey is assigned to the Jump St. team. Doug comes to his aid after Joey is brainwashed into joining a religious cult he was investigating.

06Season 5

Just Say No! High

November 10, 1990

Hoffs is suspended from the force when while working undercover in high school she is forced to take a mandatory drug test and the results come back positive.

05Season 5


November 3, 1990

A narcotics officer goes undercover with the Jump Street crew to help bust a drug dealer. Penhall develops feelings for her, but problems arise when she is suspected of being addicted herself.

04Season 5

Buddy System

October 27, 1990

McCann joins up to be the partner of a mentally handicapped youth in a school buddy system, to investigate the murder of the boy's former partner.

03Season 5

Back to School

October 20, 1990

Garrett attempts to infiltrate a high school drug ring by dating the sister of the ring's suspected leader.

02Season 5

Tunnel of Love

October 13, 1990

Hoffs and Garrett must deal with a DEA officer while working undercover at a massage parlor suspected of being a front for a drug operation.

01Season 5

Business as Usual

October 13, 1990

Business as Usual