Four Lives (2022)

Four Lives (2022)

A look at the aftermath of four murders carried out by Stephen Port between 2014 and 2015.

Cast: Stephen Merchant, Sheridan Smith, Leanne Best, Samuel Barnett, Robert Emms, Michael Jibson, Kris Hitchen, Ben Cartwright, Memet Ali Alabora, Giselle Cullinane, Daniel Ryan, Ella Kenion, Jack Pierce, Paddy Rowan, Tammy l Meredith, Rufus Jones, Andy Gathergood, Grant Crookes

03Season 1

Episode 3

January 5, 2022

A fourth man's body is found, and the victims' families want answers. Stephen Port is arrested, but securing a guilty conviction for the murder of all four men is far from certain.

02Season 1

Episode 2

January 4, 2022

Another man’s body is found in the same place in London, but again the police rule it an overdose. Meanwhile, the suspicions of the previous two men’s families continue to rise.

01Season 1

Episode 1

January 3, 2022

When two young men are found dead in London, the police blame their deaths on overdoses. Their loved ones are unconvinced and try to find out the truth.